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A short trailer to show what ALI-ANS PRODUCTIONS is about.
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Timescapes from #Bali

A series of time lapse footage recorded during my recent trip to Bali. The locations are across various points on the island (including Mount Batukaru, Mount Batur, Tana Lot) usually just before sunset.

The recordings were shot in RAW on an EOS 5D II, 16-35 F2.8L MK II, 70-200 F4 IS L, a timer delay trigger.

The frames were graded in Lightroom, then exported at the native full frame resolution as JPEGS into Adobe Premiere

BUTTERFLY SHOES ‘3D motion capture test’

This is a VFX test for our upcoming short film ‘BUTTERFLY SHOES’

3D motion capture data of a boxer was imported into Cinema 4D (BVH format). The skeleton was ‘fleshed’ by attaching basic primitives to the limbs and rendered out (multiple camera angles), imported into After Effects for some light post work (motion blur etc) and edited in Premiere Pro.

Postcards from Norway: Northern Lights

A time lapse recording of the Northern Lights near Tromso, Norway.

music title “Intimate” by Lino Rise ( )
Licenced under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

FSunset-Moonrise in Mauritius

A time lapse photography test done with the Canon EOS 5D II and 16mm-35mm F2.8L MK II whilst i was recharging my own batteries on the beautiful beaches of Mauritius.

Music/Copyrights : A Perfect Life/Moby

Film colour test for EOS 5D MK II

A short screen test comparing the default colour profile of EOS 5D MK II footage versus Technicolor Cinestyle and graded footage using Davinci Resolve

Introducing Lilly

This test footage was shot in Tuscany, August 2011 with a Cannon EOS 5D MK II.The actress Lilly Englert Azario is an upcoming star, based in New York. We were part of an Independent film shoot that summer (still in production).

Where will you go today

A little something to set you up for the day…
This was shot using the iPhone over the skies of Istanbul


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